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Video: Innovation Pressure Cooker – innovatie sneller – introductie en toelichting

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Get in the Ring 2012

November 14, 2012, HOPE (Holland Program for Entrepreneurship) organized the “Get in the Ring” event in the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam. Previously 8 startups were selected in 16 countries all over the world and during the event they pitched to international

Philips NetTV experience

A few weeks back I bought myself online a 32 inch Philips LED NetTV. This was to replace the 11 years old 28 inch Wide-screen TV, which sometimes showed a curved screen. But this didn’t matter that much for us;

Ethernet interfaces in a high traffic growth environment

(This article was written for the IEEE Communications Magazine, but not accepted due to technical limitations (the number of pages they can allocate for 100 G subject), it migth be published later) Introduction For this article a part of KPN’s

The Plaxo case

As a kind of active user of Plaxo (, I wanted to find out if we should regard is as a disruptive technology. I like the simplicity of it, it’s just about keeping up to date you contacts database, nothing